Light Gun? No, This Game Uses a Bow and Arrows

The Light Shooter is an experimental indie game from a Japanese developer named Kyosuke Yasumoto.


In The Light Shooter, you get a bow peripheral that works with a basic shooting mechanic, but also sports a flashlight mechanic. So the direction that you point the bow shines light on the black screen.

The object here is to shoot wire figures. Some of them rush at the screen, while others try to hide. If you turn the bow sideways, you can fire three arrows at once, but what you gain in numbers, you trade in power. It's probably better to shoot arrows one by one.


It did feel a little laggy at first, but after you get used to it, the game is wonderfully retro and a lot of fun. The bow doesn't have force feedback; however, when you hit an enemy, they freeze and fall apart, collapsing into themselves in a neat animation. The "game over" screen is delightfully blunt, telling players, "You Fail" when they, um, fail.

Don't expect The Light Shooter at your nearest game shop or arcade. It's a Tokyo University of Technology project.

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Scantron Crothers

I see no arrows here. Why do people always say 'bow and arrow' instead of just 'bow?' We don't say 'he shot him with a gun and bullet.'