Welcome to the Best of Kotaku, where Tina I round up all of this week's best content.

Tina's off this week, so I'm going to make fun of/pay tribute to her by running this image of her amazing parking job in Sleeping Dogs. Parked vertical on the wall, like a boss. And before anyone else makes any jokes about Tina's driving, I'll have you know that she reports mad skills behind the wheel.


Onward to the Best Of of this week, starting out with a comment from the community.

The Best Comment From The Community

Our favorite comment of this week comes to you from CptnOblivious, a UX designer who has some thoughts about the Wii U:

This platform has more problems than changing art assets cross-platform. Nintendo is trying to make a TV-sized DS system. One thing you don't hear the game media talking about is how much this actually doesn't work when you're not standing up in front of an E3 kiosk. In my experience so far, every game I've played on the WiiU suffers from not being able to present information because it's on the screen the player isn't looking at. That, and even with the controller redesign it's nearly impossible to play a game like Arkham City when you physically have to move your entire hand constantly to press the necessary buttons.

I REFUSE to develop for this system.

I'm small time. I do UX and art pipelines primarily for Android games and the web while finishing my last year at college. I have several personal projects going in XNA and Wii homebrew. It is my UX work combined with multiple WiiU platform tests that lead to my dislike of the system - not from the standpoint of graphics capability or ease of development (both of which are fine, really). I consider the WiiU gamepad to be an ergonomic mess far beyond the somewhat forgivable 3DS and Wii Remote problems. Software problems can always be evolved and corrected as a system matures, so I expect the presentation issues to go away after a wave of games come out. Being unable to reach all the buttons at once - well, that requires an overhaul of the hardware itself.

I could be the only one, I don't know. For me, the combination of an out-of-reach resistive touchscreen and mutually exclusive hardware controls means I have no interest whatsoever in working with this system in the future - both as a developer and a gamer. Nintendo has a VERY LONG WAY to go to alleviate my concerns.

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