Meet Capcom's Remember Me, a Stunning "New" Game That Was Actually At Last Year's GamesCom

Last year, my favourite "game" of GamesCom had the working title Adrift. Set in a desolate, bleak vision of a future Paris, it was all about the trading of memories and some very sexy concept art.


Sadly, that's about all it was. Hence the "game" business.

This year, it's back, and it's back as a proper game, called Remember Me. Capcom is publishing. And it looks hot.

You can see snippets of gameplay towards the end of this debut trailer; it looks like Uncharted and Deus Ex hooked up and played some Mirror's Edge. Which sounds like the perfect night out, if you ask me.

It's due for PC, 360 and PS3.



Hell yeah. Insta-buy. Not only do I want to play it, but I want to find out what happened and see more of the world this character lives in. I love it when games have that effect on me. And I could easily see this being a movie, which I wouldn't mind either.