Welcome to the weekend round-up of everything Kotaku that is awesome. While I was away you got some furry images from Fahey. I hope you enjoyed that. But I'm back with an image of Metal Gear Kirby. Solid Kirby? Kirby Snake? Something like that.

As usual, we hit the Best Comment From The Community before moving on to some great stories collected from the team this week.


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The Best Comment From The Community

greatcarbuncle gets the gold star this week for showing grace and understanding. Kudos to not mocking the woman in question!

However, do teeth not strike you as a strange barometer for a person's health? Some people are just born with yellower teeth. Some people neglect their teeth as children and live with that for their lives, regardless of future healthiness. Some people object to spending money on capping their teeth for aesthetic reasons. Some people straight up can't afford it. Indeed, the state of one's teeth would seem to work better as an indirect indicator of the size of one's bank account rather than one's health, do you not think?

The Best Penny Arcade Prank

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The Best (Saddest) Tribute To An Industry Veteran

Luke reminisces about Jack Tramiel, the founder of Commodore International, after his unfortunate and recent passing. More »

The Best of the Best of PAX!

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The Best 4D Game

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The Best Tips To Playing Aion

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The Best Spiritual Successor to Portal

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The Best Games That Suck

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The Best Review of a Game With Obscure Puzzles

Fez is a fantastic game, and definitely worth playing according to me. More »

The Best ESRB Ratings

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The Best Cosplayer Stories

Cosplaying is fun, but it's also super sweaty. More »

The Best Bug-Crushing Preview

A preview look at the upcoming Lost Planet title. More »

The Best (Oldest) Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is pretty damn old. Fahey even made an infographic to show you just how old. More »

The Best (Lowest) Number of People at PAX With a Vita

There weren't many Vita-sporting gamers at PAX East this year. More »

The Best (Saddest) War Crime Denier

Luke laments that a great composer is also a war crime denier. More »

The Best (Sexiest) The Witcher 2 On The Xbox 360

Kirk is just as enamored by the 360 version of The Witcher 2 as he was by the original PC version. More »

The Best Game Made By A Fifth-Grader

Jason Schreier tells us the touching story of a fifth-grader who taught himself how to make games so he could share the experience with his blind grandmother. More »

The Best Reminder That JRPGs are Awesome, Too

Jason is tired of the naysayers. JRPGs have produces some quality experiences, and he's here to remind you of them. More »