Before Asshole Dog, there was Asshole Anubis | "The Hunting of Ducks," by Jenny Haines. This is the first of her "Games in Art" series, which is "inspired by my studies of ancient art history and my passion for gaming."

Reporter: Activision Blacklisted Us Because I Refused to Pull Call of Duty Sequel Story

Yesterday, reports that a sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops would hit this year circulated all over the internet, sourced to a product page that went live on Amazon. reported on this apparent slip-up, as did other French websites, but they refused to pull the story when asked by Call of Duty publisher Activision. More »

Army Corps of Hell: The Kotaku Review

Into the midst of the PlayStation Vita's launch lineup drops a fiery comet, crashing through the Earth's crust and plunging into the mythical underworld below to amass a massive force of evil with infernal domination in mind. The Army Corps of Hell is recruiting. Should you join up? More »

Should a Video Game Have Predicted the Rise of Jeremy Lin?

Ordinarily, NBA 2K12 updates its rosters once a week. This week, it got not one, but three revisions in the span of four days. Jeremy Lin had a hand in all three. More »

Creator Says If FortressCraft is a Ripoff, So is Minecraft

The creator of FortressCraft resents the allegation he simply copied Minecraft when his game released over the Xbox Live Indie Games channel about a year ago. "There's nothing that FortressCraft shares with Minecraft that it does not also share with Infiniminer," Adam Sawkins, FortressCraft's creator, told Eurogamer, "which pre-dates Minecraft."More »

Far Cry 3 Looks Like a First-Person Action Flick

A five-minute promotional reel of gameplay from Far Cry 3 hit YouTube late Friday, and appears to be cut to show you all the game's set pieces as much as the game's luxurious visuals. More »

The Sequel No One Wanted: 2QWOP

QWOP, the notorious, accursed, and "most realistic simulation" of the 100-meter dash ever made, has a sequel. 2QWOP now delivers two-player split-screen multiplayer, good for settling stupid bets and drunken taunts among friends.More »

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