Sonic | SAN FRANCISCO: A Sega of America exec posed with Mayor Willie Brown at Sega's then new headquarters back in 1999. (Photo: AP Photo/Court Mast, ho)

Do Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo Really Care? Do We?

For Westerners, the conditions are shocking. Workers slave away for hours on end, pulling overtime, until their legs swell or they suffer from crippling disabilities. More »

The Wii U Will be Out by Christmas in the US, Europe, Japan & Australia

While there's still scope for slight delays, Nintendo has tonight eased fears of a drastically staggered release of the Wii U by confirming the new console will be out in all four major territories by Christmas.
Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has told Reuters that the Wii U would be out in the US,... More »

Nintendo Money Printing Press Is Finished. Huge Losses Expected.

Today in Osaka, Nintendo released its revised forecast for this financial year. Things are not good.
"We had higher expectations for the year-end season, but failed to meet them," Nintendo Satoru Iwata said today (via Reuters). More »

Check Out This Battlefield Case Mod. It Has a Freakin' Chain Gun.

Earlier this year, Raptr ran a competition where famed case modder Brian Carter would produce a custom PC based on either Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3. More »

This Man's Asia Honeymoon. With a Cardboard Girl.

If you think being married to people is hard, try being married to a cardboard person. And then globetrotting around with your better half. Your better cardboard half, that is. More »

Report: Namco Ignored Programmer's Mental Health. Programmer Committed Suicide.

Mr. N fell in love with Namco's space shooter Xevious. On his job application, Mr. N wrote that from the moment he played Xevious as a junior high school student, he knew he wanted to make games. More »

Deus Ex's Sexy Pin-Up Photo Shoot (What?)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution not sexy enough for you? It was for me, (I've always asked for cereal boxes and cigarette smoke, Adam) but not cosplay photographer chrisfkn, apparently.

Why an Xbox With Anti-Used Game Tech Makes Perfect Sense

So, we've heard from a source that the next Xbox may feature some kind of anti-used games technology. When you first read that, your first instinct was probably to think it's either bullshit or the worst idea a video game company has ever had.
It is, I believe, neither.
In fact, if it ends up being... More »

Tiny Tower Rips Off a Flash Game—and SimTower

Earlier today, the makers of mobile gaming blockbuster Tiny Tower published the kind of open letter loved by video gaming's instantly and constantly angry fuck-the-man constituency, not least because it can be disseminated by imgur. More »

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