The Wii U Will be Out by Christmas in the US, Europe, Japan & Australia

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While there's still scope for slight delays, Nintendo has tonight eased fears of a drastically staggered release of the Wii U by confirming the new console will be out in all four major territories by Christmas.

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has told Reuters that the Wii U would be out in the US, Europe, Japan and Australia "for the year-end season". Note the words used, as that implies that the console will be on shelves in time for the Christmas shopping season, not just the end of the calendar year.

While we knew the console would be out somewhere in 2012, this will be good news to Europeans and Aussies used to/fearing a delayed release.


Nintendo: to launch Wii successor in key markets for year-end [Reuters]

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Okay, so the WiiU is supposed to be slightly more powerful than the PS3 and 360. The "720" is rumoured to be 6-8 times more powerful than the 360. If Nintendo will once again be championing a relatively underpowered system, will they be left out of a lot of multiplatform releases again? It seems like the Wii always had a different version than the PS3/360, but was given the same name, or a subtitle if there was a multiplatform release.