Zynga Totally Rips Off Tiny Tower

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Tiny Tower is one of the cutest and most successful iPhone games around. So, naturally, someone is shamelessly ripping it off. Only, the company doing the ripping off isn't some shady Chinese or Russian company. It's social gaming powerhouse Zynga.


Zynga's new game Dream Heights isn't a homage to NimbleBit's game. It's almost a clone, lifting not just the overall premise but much of Tiny Tower's core mechanics as well.

It's so close, in fact, that NimbleBit's Ian Marsh put together the image below and posted it to Twitter. Presumably with white knuckles.

Zynga Shamelessly Rips Off 'Tiny Tower' With Canadian Release of 'Dream Heights' [Touch Arcade]

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I'm now plugging in the spare iPhone 4 we use at my company as a backup

To charge its battery, because it rarely gets used

So I can buy Tiny Tower

And never play it

Just to spite


Seriously though. Everyone knows that blatantly ripping off other games is Zynga's bottom line. Is anyone surprised by this news? Now their marketing strength will still earn them a shitton of money from their latest blatant ripoff.

Edit: Shit. Tiny Tower is free, apparently. Makes it slightly more difficult to make my statement. =/