Dragon Nest | TOKYO, JAPAN: HanGame promotes its latest title in Tokyo. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

Japanese Mecha Game Invites Crazy Controller Holding

The Armored Core games, from Dark Souls's developer From Software, give players the experience of controlling a giant mecha. As you can imagine, giant mechas are complex machines and, thus, so are Armored Core's controls. More »

Elderly Man Thanks Resident Evil for His Longevity

Shiro Suzuki, famed Japanese broadcaster, loves Resident Evil. As Kotaku previously posted, Suzuki discovered gaming over 15 years ago. It was Resident Evil that quickly became his favorite. More »

NSFW: You'll Never Look at the Resident Evil 6 Logo the Same

Apologies for all the blowjobs tonight! (I've always wanted to write that.) Just like Yoshi on the Japanese tea cartons, here's another subliminal image you cannot unsee: More »

They Don't Make Games Like Strike Commander Any More

Before Chris Roberts went crazy and started making terrible movies, he was the genius behind some of the greatest PC games ever made.
Some, like Wing Commander, are still remembered fondly today. More »

The Very Best In Cosplay: Crystal Graziano

Continuing our series highlighting the very best cosplayers on planet Earth, this morning we're looking at Crystal Graziano, who unlike most other people in the field gets to put "professional cosplayer" on her tax return.
Having recently got Firefall developers Red 5 to fit the bill for her... More »

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