Elderly Man Thanks Resident Evil for His Longevity

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Shiro Suzuki, famed Japanese broadcaster, loves Resident Evil. As Kotaku previously posted, Suzuki discovered gaming over 15 years ago. It was Resident Evil that quickly became his favorite.

At the recent Resident Evil event in Tokyo, Shiro Suzuki spoke about his love for not just the series, but also gaming.


"I owe making it to 74 years old to Resident Evil," Suzuki said, adding that he hoped others would follow suit. "I want other elderly people will play video games. It betters you as a human being."

Japanese people have the world's longest lifespans, thanks to diet and, most likely, DNA.

Shiro Suzuki is not only a well-respected news anchor and an all around cool dude, but a fantastic Resident Evil player.

In Resident Evil 4's unlockable Mercenaries Mode, Suzuki previously scored 178,270 points.


「長生きはバイオハザードのおかげ」 [Mantan]

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Wouldn't he actually refer to it being Biohazard since he is Japanese?