My what small legs you have, Samara | A detail from a charming collection of drawings of the Normandy crew by inker/illustrator/horror-expert Stacie Ponder.

Why Most Of Star Wars: The Old Republic's Hi-Res Graphics Disappeared at Launch

During the beta test for BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic players with high-end PCs enjoyed stunning high resolution graphics. Now that the game has launched those sexy textures have mostly disappeared. More »

The U.S. Army Pulls the Trigger on Realistic Video Game Controllers

It's not news that you can get a plastic gun to play a video game where you get to shoot other human beings. It is news that you can get gun controllers that exist with the blessing of the U.S. More »

It's Time to Review Our Portal 2 Testing with the Kotaku Game Club

Welcome back everyone! Today is our first Kotaku Game Club meeting of 2012, and the opening discussion of our series on Kotaku Game of the Year Portal 2.

Since this month's game was released last May, we've changed the traditional Game Club formula a little bit. More »

Introducing Kotaku Core, For Readers Who Only Want to Know About Video Games

Year after year, we at Kotaku have done our best to tell you what's going on in the world of video games. And we've heard your replies:
"You guys are the best!"
"You're my favorite video game site"
"Your color scheme is weird."
"Hey, was that really video game news you just wrote there? More »

A Zombie Game That Pushes the iPhone to the Brink

The problem with some iPhone games is that maybe they shouldn't be iPhone games.
The machine they're running on has limits. Its screen is smaller than a back pocket. More »

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