This Is My Rifle, This Is My Gun; This Is For PS3, This Is For Fun

Alright, maggots, here is how you inspect, assemble and clean your Move-compatible Assault Rifle Controller, from CTA Digital. It's $59.99 and Amazon says it's due early next year.

MAG, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Killzone 3 are specifically mentioned as games perfect for this peripheral, which also combines the Move Navigation controller's functions.

Amazon's preorder page says it'll be released Jan. 1. A news release from CTA says they'll be demoing it at CES. I've followed up just to specify what the release date or window is, but it sounds like this will be here in time for Killzone 3 at least.


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One of the things that always annoyed me with Nintendo's huge number of peripherals is now coming to the ps3 in larger numbers, so glad for not having a ps3 anymore to worry about more plastic stuff not really needed to play a game but adding to the price.