Introducing Kotaku Core, For Readers Who Only Want to Know About Video Games

Illustration for article titled Introducing Kotaku Core, For Readers Who Only Want to Know About Video Games

Year after year, we at Kotaku have done our best to tell you what's going on in the world of video games. And we've heard your replies:

"You guys are the best!"

"You're my favorite video game site"

"Your color scheme is weird."

"Hey, was that really video game news you just wrote there? It looked like a cosplay gallery or story about a game-hating politician to me. That shouldn't be on this site."


To the first two people, we say, you're awesome too. To the third person, we sigh. To the fourth, we say, you need to start reading Kotaku Core.

Kotaku Core is a small change that we hope will make a big difference. Users who click on Kotaku Core and choose to make their URL of choice will see a subset of the stories we publish every day. Kotaku Core readers will only see stories about video games themselves. You won't see stories about the culture surrounding video games. You'll see more stories about products, fewer stories about people; more stories about what a game company wants to sell you next, fewer feature stories, fewer stories about crime, politics, life and death.

Kotaku Core readers will see previews, reviews, trailers and all the stuff that will keep them informed about which games to play and which to avoid. (Readers of good old will see no changes; they'll see all of our stories.)

We love covering the culture around video games. But we know some of you just want the nitty-gritty game stuff. Kotaku Core is for you. We hope you'll enjoy it, RSS it and find it to your liking. Give it a shot.


Can't believe we have to make distinctions for the crybabies on this site. It's not like Fleshbot, where they mash gay and straight content together, and you can choose to filter either one out. Kotaku is about the culture of video games, not just video games. Why is that so hard to accept?

How can people who never contributed a single thing into creating & maintaining the website, as well as employment, bitch so much about stuff they want to see? I just seriously don't get it, and I don't think I ever will, because that "consumers first" routine is complete BS.