Kim Jong-il passed away last month, leaving his manga-reading gamer son Kim Jong-un as successor.

Not much is known about Kim Jong-un, which means the developers of Homefront had to insert his likeness later.

One thing that North Korea's neighbor China knows is that Dear Successor totally looks like a Dragonball bad guy.


The above image is a current meme sweeping Chinese nerddom. Its origin is unclear, and it is possible the image was made outside the country.

A Kim Jong-un photo was altered to look like Dragonball's Android 19 of the Red Ribbon Army. While their appearances might look similar, The Great Successor cannot fire lasers from his eyes.

Well, I don't think he can—though, the North Korean propaganda machine may beg to differ.


Obviously, China and North Korea have a close political alliance, so there might be some good-natured ribbing in this. Or it could be that this guy really looks like Android 19.

The reaction online in Japan has been amusement, pointing out how merciless the comparison is.

"If this guy entered a cosplay contest, he'd come in first place," wrote one Japanese commenter.


Nerdy comparisons are not new to the North Korean dictatorship. Kim Jong-il was also parodied a few years back with a "Rocket Monster: Gold" illustration.

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