Two soldiers are wearing ghillie camouflage suits to blend in with the urban setting. Their adversary is frozen in a mysterious forcefield.
Ghillie Suit No. 1: "Whut th' hail you think's goin' on?"
Ghillie Suit No. 2: "Looks like he's in one-a-them Force Grips, you know whar the Sith choke you and stuff?"
Pending Victim: "..."
Ghillie No. 1: "Is he daid?"
Ghillie No. 2: "No, looks 'live to me."
Pending Victim: *does robot*
Ghillie No. 1: "Well kill 'im!"
Ghillie No. 2: "With mah sniper? Point blank? I only do that in a panic."
Pending Victim: "..."
Ghillie No. 1: "Well alright." *MELEE*

[h/t Dan Borenstein]