Jan. 1 happened exactly six days ago, and as of then, gun props for Xbox Live avatars were prohibited for sale. Problem is, plenty of people either already bought or acquired those items (by, like a code in a special edition or something) well before that policy went into place.

These customers are entitled to redownload them. If they couldn't, everyone would be screaming bloody murder.

In other cases, current, non-objectionable, downloadable content available only in as a pre-order or in a game's special edition can be found on Xbox Live Marketplace through the DLC menu within its parent game. Microsoft also has to make these items available for redownload to their original owners, but not the general public.

That's why people sometimes see things listed for insane prices. Insane prices. That's why people keep sending me ZOMG alerts about virtual things listed for real-world prices nearly twice the actual cost of an F-16.

A pricing glitch, a real, honest-to-God newsworthy pricing glitch, involves something people can actually acquire. Like Fable II, for nothing, which I did acquire at that price in 2010. Or this incident on a weekend in 2008, which probably informed the current strategy of Xbox Live Marketplace with regards to limited-edition DLC.

Bottom line, I don't care that a gold Lancer is for sale for beyond its theoretical weight in gold on Xbox Live Marketplace. But, if someone does actually pay $34,359,738.36 for a WWE 12 character pack, and can provide a receipt, let me know. That is news. That would be the story of the year.


Update Commenter Graywing mentions that the points value assigned in these cases—4294967295— is "not a glitch, that's the maximum value of an unsigned 32-bit integer, meaning they've put it up deliberately." So, reaffirming the original point, Microsoft is deliberately assigning the highest mathematical value this thing can recognize in order to make the DLC inaccessible to those who do not already own it. And, reaffirming the original point, don't send me screenshots of zillion-dollar DLC. Or Graywing. Or screenshots of Graywing. Thank you.