Fable II Is Free Right Now

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Fable II is supposed to go for $20 if you download it on the Xbox 360. But, less than two weeks before the release of Fable III, it's now free on the Xbox Live Marketplace. [UPDATE: Not working for everyone.]

Smells like a marketing stunt and a bargain. Got 7GB free? Then go for it.

NOTE: We know that some of you aren't getting this to work. On our end we're seeing mixed results as well, but do have a free download in progress.

We're checking with Microsoft to find out if they goofed or if their prices really are that insane. [PIC]

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Ok guys. I can verify that this is the real deal. It is the download of the full game. People are now mentioning that they have been getting achievements and you can't get achievements without purchasing the game, which means, this is the full game download for free.

Some guys said he's been playing it and got some achievements.