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Xbox Live Pries the Guns from Your Cold, Avatar Hands

Illustration for article titled Xbox Live Pries the Guns from Your Cold, Avatar Hands

This announcement oughta go over like a turd in a punchbowl. Seems that on Jan. 1, Xbox Live is taking guns away from all avatars. That is according to Epic Games' community manager, who in a reminder to Gears of War fans said that if they don't have the Lancer or Hammerburst avatar props, they better run go get strapped because all guns are verboten after the new year.


The new policy would seem to affect the sale of "gun-like" items in the Marketplace, not whether you may equip them, if you've bought them, before Jan. 1, 2012.

"If you've purchased the items prior to Jan. 1, you will be able to keep them," Raczilla reminded folks in this forum thread. "A new policy goes into effect for all gun-like avatar items on the Marketplace, so get them while they're hot."


Wayne LaPierre would like to remind you that thousands of responsible avatar dads have taken their kids hunting and fishing with the Lancer, whose proud heritage can be traced to George Washington chainsawing down a cherry tree with it in 1776. The price of freedom, at least until Dec. 31, is 320 Microsoft Points.

PSA: 'Gun-like' Avatar items disappearing from XBLM on Jan. 1 [Joystiq]

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What about light sabers? Are these not deadly weapons too.