If you rolled a character on Star Wars: The Old Republic's public test server, go check out the game under its first major patch. BioWare pushed it out today, and it includes new bosses and mini-raid.

"Kaon Under Siege" a level 50 flashpoint—a smaller raid limited to a group of four—has been added to the game. Four bosses also have been added to "Karagga's Palace," which is an Operation, or a full-fledged raid.

Bug fixes, changes to the open world PvP on Ilum, and a new tier for level 50 PvP warzones also have been added. The bug fixes include making some inaccessible datacrons now accessible, and removing glitches that blocked some characters from advancing in a conversation.

Full patch notes at the link.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 1.1 [BioWare]