BattleTroll 3 | If EA really cared about money, this would happen. Via Sex, Drugs & Pokemon.

There was a Famicom Game About the Leader of the Soviet Union

You expect, and will find, old games for the Famicom where you play as a soldier. Or a pilot. Or an athlete.
What you don't expect, but what you'll find anyway, is a game starring the leader of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. More »

"Games Lawyer" Doesn't Understand Why People Hate Piracy Prosecution

"Game Laywer" Jas Purewal has written an open letter to Edge, addressed to "those who defend game pirates". You'd hope it's a considered, practical approach to one of the muddiest topics this industry faces today. More »

Steam Now Has 5 Million Players. At the Same Time.

As testament to just how damn popular/important Valve's Steam platform has become to the PC market, recently over five million people were logged into the service at once.
The milestone was first achieved last month, while the service's notorious holiday sales were going down, but it's hit it again... More »

That Game About Dating and Disabled Girls is Finished, Ready For Download

Nearly two years ago, Leigh wrote a great column on a dating game called Katawa Shoujo being made by members of a 4chan group. What made it stand out were two things: More »

The Blinding Character Art of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

If you've played (or even seen) recent fighter Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and thought, well, that character art sure is lovely, I wonder where I can get high-res versions of them all, you've got taste.
You're also being looked after today by Capcom, who in a pleasant surprise (this doesn't happen... More »

LEGO StarCraft Battlecruiser is Terrifyingly Detailed

LEGO Thor? Check. LEGO Siege Tank? Check. LEGO Terran Battlecruiser? Yup, we can now say check to that one too.
LEGO builder Sven Junga has constructed this amazing Terran Battlecruiser, the Hyperion, which in StarCraft II Jim Raynor's flagship.
If you see the Thor in the images and think it looks... More »

Some of the Best Cosplay of 2011 Turned Into a Beautiful Little Movie

While we look at cosplay on a weekly basis, cosplay cinematographer and conventioneer Angel James de Ocampo has taken a more annual approach, and compiled this amazing video showcasing some of the best costumes and cosplayers he shot during 2011.
We've seen Ocampo's work before, but this piece is... More »

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