Steam Now Has 5 Million Players. At the Same Time.

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As testament to just how damn popular/important Valve's Steam platform has become to the PC market, recently over five million people were logged into the service at once.


The milestone was first achieved last month, while the service's notorious holiday sales were going down, but it's hit it again and again since, as recently as January 2.

The most popular game, and one that's helped propel the platform towards the milestone? Skyrim, of course, which even now is boasting three times the players the next most popular game (Team Fortress 2) can muster.


Steam hits five million concurrent players [PC Gamer]

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Shardik The Man Bear

the only problem I have with steam is the client hates to start up on every computer I've tried it on, usually freezes a couple times before I get it to load right.

the funny thing is I still hate the thought of digital distribution killing off boxed games. I like having a physical collection, and I have super slow download speeds, but I don't mind it with steam since they make up for it with being the only place to have really good deals on games other then black friday.