Do You Prefer Your Cosplay in Slow Motion?

European geeks and gamers can wield a man-sized sword with the best of them. They look pretty sharp in a Zelda outfit. And they may be at their best when... everything they're doing... is happening... in... slow... motion.


Cosplay cinematographer and conventioneer Angel James de Ocampo is responsible for the above video of people in The Legend of Zelda, Mortal Kombat and Final Fantasy costumes—among other things—prancing about at half speed while looking fantastically clothed. Ocampo filmed the above footage at the Japan Expo 2011 in Paris, France, home of the European Cosplay Gathering, then set it to some Simple Plan.

Not a bad formula. Maybe we should make slo-mo cosplay footage the standard.

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Japan Expo 2011 COSPLAY VIDEO 2-3 [Vimeo]

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It's funny that Master Chief was the weakest part of the video.