Wee Little TF2 | Dutch artist SLiD3 breaks hearts with these cute little Team Fortress 2 soldiers.

Why People Say the World Will End In 2012

You're going to hear a lot this year about how, at some point in 2012, the world is going to end. That we will all, in some way or another, wound up gone, destroyed, burned, eaten, smashed to pulp or, if we're really lucky, a combination of the lot.
We'll be fine, of course, but they're going to... More »

You Can Use PC Mods On Grand Theft Auto III's iOS and Android Version

Merry (belated) Christmas, owners of the recently-released Grand Theft Auto III on iOS and Android. That mobile version you bought is actually, in almost every respect, the old PC version of the original, meaning if you can get at its file structure, you can use PC mods on it.
For Android users... More »

People are Already Playing Genesis Games on the PlayStation Vita

Oh look. It's Genesis game Sonic & Knuckles running on the PlayStation Vita, a handheld that's been out for less than a month.
How is this possible? Don't get too alarmed; More »

Call of Duty Ads "Hideous Marketing", Says Actual Soldier

Activision's big-budget Sam Worthington x Jonah Hill commercials for Modern Warfare 3 won a lot of fans, but novelist, essayist and former paratrooper D.B. More »

Zelda's Great Fairy Takes On Star Wars

Just because you're (probably) on holidays doesn't mean the cosplayers of the world take a break.
In this week's Fancy Pants, we have an amazing Great Fairy from Zelda, a double serving of perfect Star Wars cosplay, Final Fantasy, Mortal Kombat and, believe it or not, some Muramasa.
Fancy Pants is... More »

Mass Effect Monopoly is my Favourite...You Get the Idea

If you liked the idea of BioShock Monopoly but prefer the depths of space to the depths of the deep blue sea, Mass Effect Monopoly might be more your thing.
Tommy LeRoy is the man to thank for this awesome custom game, which changes everything about the original to bring it into line with BioWare's... More »

Portal Boots, Now in the Real World

Once again, Volpin Props knocks it out of the park. Though in this case, they've knocked themselves out of the park. And fallen a great height, only to land safely, thanks to these Portal Long Fall Boots.
Master prop builder Harrison Krix's efforts continue to amaze, these boots looking like they... More »

New Halo: Reach Figures Capture Tiny Little Flags

Next month, McFarlane will release what feels like the 117th series of Halo toys, this time based on the characters and bad guys from Halo: Reach.
There are Spartans with multiplayer colour schemes, actual character Spartans from the game with no helmets on, giant aliens, human pilots and, my... More »

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