How to Play BioShock Monopoly (For Free)

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Internet person KatMann has done something wonderful to an old Monopoly board: Developed a custom BioShock "mod", letting you play a Rapture version of the classic game.


Best part? Unlike other novelty Monopoly games you buy in a store, this one works with one you've already got, so it's 100% (though to be honest, you don't even need an original, just print this stuff off and play!).

After you've braced yourself for the torrent of "Is a man not entitled to $200" jokes every time someone passes Go, you can download it at the link below.


BioShock Monopoly by KatMann [Rapture City Archives, via Elysha]

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It's kinda a cheap board, and it gets the second square wrong (at least in the British version that square is a £200 tax).