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People are Already Playing Genesis Games on the PlayStation Vita

Oh look. It's Genesis game Sonic & Knuckles running on the PlayStation Vita, a handheld that's been out for less than a month.


How is this possible? Don't get too alarmed; rather than cracking open the Vita itself, this homebrew Genesis emulator (originally built for the PSP) is running via the Vita's own PSP emulation.

So it's an emulator running inside another emulator.

As the video's uploader frwololo notes, "Sony put into place some security that will basically make this exploit moot as soon as it is made available", making clips like this "just useful for research right now".


Not that this will keep people from trying to break the Vita open for stuff like homebrew. It just means this is a step towards that, not the final breaking.

picodrive sega emulator on PS vita [YouTube, via Tiny Cartridge]

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The Sequel: pt Deux

Off topic, but i figure you guys with knowledge of emulators can help.

I need an action RPG. I thought about installing Half Life 2, but it would require focus and I really just need something not too involved so I can take a break from studying and relax.

Problem is many rpgs either have turn based combat or clunky combat or they heavily overlap adventure/puzzle genres. And I kinda hate being forced to solve puzzles and search for shit (I like watching people play portal, MGS, tomb raider, & zelda, I hate playing em myself).

I like games like bastion, fable, magicka, castle crashers, dynasty warriors, tekken, shenmue, yakuza, borderlands, mass effect, alpha protocol, Red Dead.

My ideal game would be voiced, 3rd person, non-shooter, non-point & click, 20+ hours long. Heavy on story/dialogue, light on mandatory puzzles and searching for keys in obscure places. Open world (or illusion of one) if possible. Combat system I can master with my hands (Need the room in my brain for studying :P) Basically, a really long open world Bastion if that makes sense.

-Dragon age 2 and Elder scrolls games look clunky, Demon's Souls or Witcher 2 would probably make me fail out.

Yea, I know, that narrows it down to like 0, but I figure maybe an old PSone or SNES game or recent japanese game might fit the bill. Maybe you guys can help?