Bus | SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Santa tries to find his way home. (Photo: Wally Santana | AP)

The Cosplayers and Booth Companions of the 2011 Asia Game Show

From Dec. 23 to Dec. 26, the Asia Game Show rolled through Hong Kong. The show is in its tenth year, and this year, it featured the PS Vita in full force, cosplayers, booth companions, and a "Female Entertainment Area". More »

Nintendo 3DS Games Getting Paid DLC. Here's the First Title.

For years now, additional downloadable content has been a staple. Nintendo, unlike rivals Microsoft and Sony, has not embraced downloadable content. Until now.
According to Japan's Nikkei, Nintendo will be begin offering paid DLC for the Nintendo 3DS next March. More »

My Top 10 Moving Moments in Gaming 2011

This year has been good to gaming. Hold on, let me restate that. This year has been amazing to gaming.
To me, it feels like this year was this generation's swan song, the last push of gaming before all the developers go find some foxhole to hide in while they develop games for the PS43 or the... More »

Who Will Win Kotaku's Game of the Year 2011 Debate?

What was the best game of the year, according to those of us here at Kotaku?
We don't know.
We don't know... yet.
Throughout the week of December 26, we will present five Game of the Year arguments. More »

Is Skyrim Kotaku's Game of the Year?

Oh look. Somebody is voting for Skyrim as Game of the Year. How shocking.
Truth be told, I very nearly voted for something else. Total War: Shogun 2 had me hooked for most of the year, and its near perfection of the series' blend of strategic planning and real-time tactics seemed to make it, for... More »

The Mysterious Nintendo Wii U Launch Window Narrows

Last summer, Nintendo revealed that the Wii U, its upcoming new home console, would be released sometime between April and Dec. 2012. That big window of time just got a smidgen shorter. More »

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