Last summer, Nintendo revealed that the Wii U, its upcoming new home console, would be released sometime between April and Dec. 2012. That big window of time just got a smidgen shorter.

According to Japanese website Inside Games, Nintendo stated that the Wii U is slated to go on sale between next June and the end of 2012. Granted, only a few months separate April and June, but it does narrow the gap. Somewhat.

Nintendo will be showing off the Wii U at this year's CES convention in Las Vegas, a show, that CNet pointed out, Nintendo traditionally skips. The Wii U will be in demo form at the show, which is in Jan.


A release date will most likely be revealed at the year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles. This year's E3 is in, wait for it, June.

The Wii U is Nintendo's next-gen console, and it features hi-def graphics and a large tablet controller.


Wii Uは来年6~12月に発売 [Inside Games]

(Top photo: Chris Pizzello | AP)