PopCap 3D | PopCap sent a neat little zombie holiday survival guide on this 3D Viewmaster.

How the Makers of Mass Effect Use Tolstoy to Prove Video Games Are Art

A while back, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts started up their Guru lecture series where greats from the world of film- and television-making would speak on their inspirations and insights from each medium. More »

Wall Street Journal: Star Wars Game Is Actually An Attack on World of Warcraft

It's hard to untangle whether it's a media creation or born of the competitive natures of gaming and business, but according to at least one newspaper the war between Activision and Electronic Arts continues to simmer.
"With Star Wars EA is taking aim at Activision's World of Warcraft game," the More »

Christmas Comes To One of My Favorite Imaginary Worlds

There are plenty of inventive places to visit as a gamer, plenty of places to get lost and create your own fiction. But once you ask to be able to fashion the world around you, that list diminishes. More »

Who Says Star Wars: The Old Republic Will Inevitably Go Free-to-Play?

With the assumption that BioWare's new subscription-based massively multiplayer online Star Wars role-playing game will one day succumb to the dark side of free-to-play running rampant, commenter Odin believes The Old Republic could flourish under the archaic monthly model in today's Speak Up on... More »

Star Wars Stormtroopers Went to Best Buy, and This Happened.

It's a mild, late-fall night, the holiday season is in full effect, and you want to go get some soup at Au Bon Pain. Life is good, but for how much longer?
Maybe you're done with that soup and you wanted to go buy some DVDs. More »

U.S. Senator Mad that Your Tax Dollars Saved Video Games

Video game preservation, educational robot dragons and Department of Homeland Security Sno Cones are just some of the "outlandish" federally funded projects called out in U.S. More »

First Modern Warfare 3 DLC Coming in January

On a video show that's part of Call of Duty Elite's premium servive, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling announced that the "content season" for Modern Warfare 3 will start on January 24th. More »

Brilliant Video Game Thieves Butt-Dial 911 and Brag

On December 13 a pair of shoplifters made off with a load of DVDs and video games from a Wisconsin Target store. Then they spent an hour boasting about how easy it was, making fun of other criminals for getting caught. More »

What's a Better Video Game Goal than a High Score? Your Approval.

I'll try any video game, because any video game might have the year's best idea in it.
I've played a game called PixelJunk 4AM, and one idea in it is among the most marvelous I've encountered in 2011. More »

Would You Dress Like Mario For a Month For a Free 3DS? He Would

Nintendo asked their Facebook fans what they'd do for a 3DS console and then picked a winner from those that responded.
Who won? A guy who said he'd dress up like Mario for a full month to celebrate. More »

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