First Modern Warfare 3 DLC Coming in January

On a video show that's part of Call of Duty Elite's premium servive, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling announced that the "content season" for Modern Warfare 3 will start on January 24th. That's presumably when the first DLC will go live. It's not clear if that date is when Elite premium members will be getting the add-on or if their pay-to-get-it-first status will let them access it before that date. Bowling also tweeted a screen shot from the "Park" DLC map as well. We'll update you on Modern Warfare 3 DLC as we learn more.


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I'm not trying to be that guy, but the picture he tweeted looks absolutely horrible. I've been playing a lot of Battlefield 3 thanks to the Back to Karkand pack, and man...this looks abysmal in comparison.

Look at the decal leaves and the low quality of the lighting. This isn't the sort of thing that gets me "amped up."

MW3 had a fun, well-paced campaign. But I don't think I can play anymore of it after my time with BF3.

*NOTE* I'm not trying to make this a "OMG BF FOR LYFE" or "MW3 IS AWSUMIST" argument. I'm just surprised that they are honestly releasing something that looks like that in 2012. Their engine is severely outdated.