Brilliant Video Game Thieves Butt-Dial 911 and Brag

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On December 13 a pair of shoplifters made off with a load of DVDs and video games from a Wisconsin Target store. Then they spent an hour boasting about how easy it was, making fun of other criminals for getting caught. I'm sure the 911 operator listening in on the conversation found it highly amusing.


According to police reports, one of the two would-be criminal masterminds somehow managed to dial 911 on the cell phone in his pocket shortly after their big Target score. Unaware of the 911 operator listening in on their conversation, the pair spent the better part of an hour discussing their caper, and when plans were made to sell off their ill-gotten gains at a local video game store police were waiting, guns drawn, broad smiles no doubt hidden beneath the stern grimace of authority.

Me? I would have completely lost my shit.

Check out the video below for excerpts from the captured criminals' planning.


The pair have been arrested and charged with criminal stupidity, or possibly some sort of theft-related charge.

Thieves Arrested After Pocket-Dialing 911 [ABC News]

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Also want to point out as someone who has spent many years as a police officer up in the 911 center that at least half of all calls recieved are butt or purse dialers with no one on the other end. We can hear everything you're saying. I've heard people talk about shooting heroin, shooting other people etc, smoking weed (I can hear your bong), etc.

The best is when it's a teenage girl talking smack about how some other girl is a slut or whatever. I always hang up and call the number back. They get pretty shocked when they pick up and I identify myself and then call her by her name which usually comes from the conversations I listen to. I tell them they called 911, they deny it,then I tell the caller(using her name) that she and the friend she's with (use the friends name)should go easy on (girl they were talking about). Then they cry and apologize and hang up.

Always lock your phone with a keypad entry, kids. The new smartphones where you swipe to come out of sleep mode dial 911 accidentally constantly.