O Christmas Tree, Gawker's Christmas Tree | Love the tree, not sure about those decorations. :D

UK Treatment Group Preps For Next Big Addiction: Video Games

A UK-based charity treatment group is preparing for what they believe will become the next major addiction issue: Video Games.
Norcas, which has been supporting those affected by addictive behaviors in Norfolk, UK since 1978, recently commissioned an independent study into gaming and addictive... More »

If Creative Classic Mario Paint's Theme Had Lyrics, They Might Sound Like This

Retro game lyricist Brentalfloss rings in the holiday season with a musical tribute to the only Super Nintendo game to come bundled with a mouse and a mouse pad. More »

The Delightful, Free Doctor Who Video Game May be the Biggest Doctor Who Thing Ever

It's a good time to be a Doctor Who fan. Along with the recently announced PlayStation-exclusive Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, this week we'll see the launch of a public preview for Doctor Who: More »

Star Wars Nerds Win Again

It's a popular if tired trope to cast the bankers, traders and other functionaries of the financial industry as big, bad guys. So, either the EA execs who gathered at the NASDAQ this building to ring the trading service's opening bell this morning were there to cleanse the site of evil or showed up... More »

Kingdom Hearts 3D is Officially a Thing for North America and Europe

The final chapter of the Kingdom Hearts saga begins with Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS, now confirmed for release next year in North America and Europe, as if anyone was worried it wouldn't make it. More »

Star Wars MMO Won't Go Free-to-Play 'in the Foreseeable Future'

DC Universe Online's done it. Team Fortress 2's done it. World of Warcraft's done it (sort of). 2011's seen some of the biggest most ambitious massively multiplayer online game abandon the subscription-based business model and go free-to-play. More »

Portal 2 is Games Radar's Most Favorite 2011 Video Game

Their readers thought the best video game of 2011 was Skyrim, but the editors of Games Radar have picked Portal 2. It's their top game of the year.
The readers' second favorite game was Batman: More »

Today, Microsoft's Hype about the Greatness of the Xbox 360 is True

The subject line of an e-mail I got yesterday declared, without punctation, that "Xbox 360 is Home to the Most Anticipated Games of 2012".
At first, I snickered and sneered. More »

Skyrim's Dragon-Powered Sleigh, Jabba The Snowman: These Are 2011's Gaming Holiday Cards

The holidays are FULLY ON and with them come a slew of wonderfully creative holiday cards from some of your favorite video game developers and publishers.
Here's a look at just a few of the one's we've been sent. More »

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