Portal 2 is Games Radar's Most Favorite 2011 Video Game

Illustration for article titled emPortal 2/em is emGames Radar/ems Most Favorite 2011 Video Game

Their readers thought the best video game of 2011 was Skyrim, but the editors of Games Radar have picked Portal 2. It's their top game of the year.


The readers' second favorite game was Batman: Arkham City. But the editors? They didn't pick a second-favorite. The don't do silver medals at Games Radar.

GAME OF THE YEAR 2011 (FOR REAL): Portal 2 [Games Radar]

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Not a fan of the Portal games, but I'm alright with this. There have been so many awesome games this year. For people of all stripes. Puzzle game fan? Portal 2. FPS fan? MW3, Bf3. Platformer fan? Alice: Madness Returns. RPG? Big names like Skyrim & Dark Souls. Adventure? Skyward Sword, AC: Revelations, Arkham City.

And this isn't even considering the plethora of downloadable titles like Bastion, Costume Quest etc. It's been a damn good year to be a gamer.