Kingdom Hearts 3D is Officially a Thing for North America and Europe

The final chapter of the Kingdom Hearts saga begins with Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS, now confirmed for release next year in North America and Europe, as if anyone was worried it wouldn't make it.

Hardcore Kingdom Hearts fans around the world are on the edge of their seats waiting for Dream Drop Distance, the opening chapter in the final conflict between the forces of young teens and obscurity. The game features two of the franchises most popular characters, Riku and Sora, as they struggle to become true Keyblade masters. To train them, King Mickey and Yen Sid put them through a rigorous training regime that involves the pair being dropped into dreams. I'm sure distance is involved as well.

The 3DS game features plenty of new Disney cameos, new creatures that the player can recruit to fight by their side, and promises to make the final conflict perfectly clear for those of us that have no idea what the hell is going on.


Look for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance to hit the 3DS in North America and Europe sometime next year.

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