Bita | TOKYO, JAPAN: Akina and comedian Kendo Kobayashi promote the PS Vita. (Photo: 4Gamer)

This Wii Remote Exploded. Why?

A family from Belleville, Michigan came home the other night to find their living room full of smoke. The culprit? One of their Wii Remotes had quite literally exploded.
It's lucky nobody had been home when it blew, because when it did pieces of the Remote flew across the room and tore holes in... More »

Five Things Japanese Women Don't Want To Find in Your Room

Only five! There are probably many, many more, but let's start with with five. Web research site My Navi News polled nearly seven hundred of its online readers, asking them to list the things they did not want to find in a guy's room.
Some of the results might surprise you. More »

Video Game Art Doesn't Get Much Slicker Than This

Aaron Richmond's Orangecross Creative doesn't create concept art. He's not a 3D modeller, and doesn't come up with environments either. No, his work is more popular than that.
He's a marketing man. More »

The Link Statue of One Man's Dreams

In 2006, what were you doing? I was working at Kotaku. Derek was thinking about how he could get the greatest Link statue to ever grace this spinning blue ball we call Earth. More »

Proposing in Left 4 Dead, Gnome in Hand

Left 4 Dead isn't exactly the most romantic game. It's not romantic at all. But that doesn't mean it isn't a wonderful place to ask for a lady's hand in marriage. More »

Square Enix Hacked

Publisher Square Enix has announced that, following the discovery that somebody "may have gained unauthorized access to a particular Square Enix server", the company's members service has been brought offline in both Japan and the United States.
Thankfully, for those with Square Enix members... More »

A Life In PC Gaming: My Shame

Republished from Rock, Paper Shotgun
I've been playing games on computers for the vast bulk of my life. From BBC Micro to Spectrum to 486 to assorted Athlons to the quad-cored radiator I used today, I've rarely been far from a keyboard. More »

Porno Version of Tomb Raider Is Actually Quite Well-Cast

Today, Exquisite Films emailed us to let us know that they've announced the full cast for Tomb Raider XXX, their upcoming porn parody of the Tomb Raider franchise.
We already knew that Chanel Preston was slated to play Lara Croft herself-and given the look of her (safe-for-work) publicity... More »

YouTube Pulls Official The Last of Us Trailer Due to 'Copyright Claim'

Earlier today I received an e-mail from the people at YouTube, who informed me that a seven-second video that I ran of Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto bobbing his head during a musical performance of the Spike VGAs was in violation of a Viacom copyright.
YouTube, I learned will not jump to... More »

This Indie Musician's Album Is Also a Video Game

We often talk about video game developers use music (in fact, just tonight we started listing the best music of 2011!), but it can be fun to look at how musicians incorporate video games into their work, as well. More »

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