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We often talk about video game developers use music (in fact, just tonight we started listing the best music of 2011!), but it can be fun to look at how musicians incorporate video games into their work, as well.


Synth-pop musician Or Zubalsky has created a very cool new album that is designed to be played like a video game. The album itself stands on its own, but on his website, he has devised interactive music videos that allow viewers to click along with the music, lighting up a shifting backdrop while attempting to click on little Commander Video-lookin' characters. Each one you successfully click will net you a few points, which in turn will let you unlock downloadable "packages" that give you a track from the album and a fun text file from the artist himself.

The other upshot of the "game" part of the album is that by playing it, you turn yourself into a strobe-light operator for the music video, which causes the still images behind it to shift and give a neat sense of motion.


The whole thing is very cool, and must have been a fun project to put together. Go check it out!

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