Teh Future | TOKYO, JAPAN: Epson showed off its new Android powered Moverio player and headset. (Photo: PhileWeb)

Is the Recession the Next Big Video Game Bad Guy?

Would you shoot someone responsible for America's horrible housing market? Would you like to? What if you met his wife and kid first?
How did we get here, and where are we going? More »

Battlefield Cheater Repents. Then Goes Bananas

Internet person DarkSydeGeoff discovered an exploit in Battlefield 3. He didn't just tell a friend, he told the entire world. Now, he's sorry. And going on a rampage. More »

A Haunting, Lovely Essay From a Son Who Grew Up Geeky

Over at Gamers With Jobs, Julian "Rabbit" Murdoch has shared a personal essay that is as lovely as it is sad. It's titled "Yes, Dad." In it, Murdoch talks about visiting the hospital to see his sick father, and the different ways that the two of them remembered his childhood.
When I turned 10, two... More »

Let the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Bannings Begin!

Banning. If you're playing online and, well, cheating, they're a part of life. The newly released Modern Warfare 3 is no exception.
According to Modern Warfare 3 developer Infinity Ward, the bannings have begun. More »

Is Your Online Photo an Animated Character? You Might Want To Read This

Online, people create alter egos. New identities are born out of names and avatars. They also bare their real identities. And your avatar or your profile pic is causing others to silently judge you. More »

What's Cooler Than Sam Fisher? Lady Ninjas, Motorbikes and Pumas

In 1987, Durell Software released a game called Saboteur II: Avenging Angel. Don't worry if you haven't played the original Saboteur, because no prior knowledge will be required for this post.
What will be required is an appreciation for awesome game settings and even awesomer box art.
Both... More »

Xbox.com To Upgrade Its Social and Video Features in the Coming Days

In preparation for the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update, Microsoft has announced that they'll be updating the website Xbox.com over the coming days to implement some of the dashboard's new features before it launches on consoles later this winter.
Users will be able to search the Zune store... More »

The Beautiful Russian Game Art of Grafit

Russian concept art studio Grafit may not be an outfit you've heard of-and you may not have heard of many of the game's they've worked on either-but that doesn't make their work any less beautiful.
While some of the art in this gallery is for games the non-Russians among you will have... More »

So Many Wonderful Arcade Prizes. Which Do You Want?

The 26th Prize Fair recently wrapped up, showing off prizes available in arcade redemption games during the first half of 2012. Companies including Taito, Banpresto, and Sega were on hand. More »

Let's Tour Akihabara's Newest Nerd Hotspot. Together!

The newly-built Akiba Culture Zone is a 7-floor building. It's the geek district's newest landmark, a mere four minute walk from the station. What wonders await inside?
The Akiba Culture Zone first opened this summer, with the third to fifth floors opening late last month. More »

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