Rice | TOKYO, JAPAN: An Akihabara maid shows off omurice and drinks at a PSP game event. (Photo: 4Gamer)

Borderlands Fan Passes Away, Honoured as Borderlands 2 Character

Michael John Mamaril sadly passed away last month at the age of just 22. Being a big Borderlands fan, Michael's friend Carlo thought a nice way to remember him would be to have the game somehow pay tribute. More »

An Example of Sexual Harassment? Grand Theft Auto

Sexual harassment is awful. Many people-often politicians, it seems-say things or create situations that make others uncomfortable. So Bolt insurance agency created a chart explaining "Sexual Harassment in the Workplace". More »

Is This Spoiler Modern Warfare 3's "No Russian" Moment?

This post has a spoiler in it. If you want a tiny part of Modern Warfare 3, which officially hits Nov. 8, spoiled, read on. If you don't, this is a post (and comments section) you should skip.
Okay? More »

Second Life Winds Up In FBI Gang Intelligence Dossier

Second Life isn't simply a virtual realm where people starve horses, troll others having sex, and traffic in counterfeit groovie-goolies sex devices. No, it's also a network through which gangs discuss and plot their evil deeds, says none other than the Eff Bee Eye.
On page 41 of the FBI's latest... More »

Dota 2's Character Art is Like Magic Candy for the Eyes

While the game's not out yet, Valve's sequel to the super-popular WarCraft mod already gets a thumbs up from this feature for its gorgeous character art.
It's being used once or twice a week to accompany the reveal of new characters and/or features for the game, and seeing as it hasn't been... More »

Abusive Judge Said Daughter Dropped Out, Had Video Game Store Job

Texas court-at-law judge William Adams was filmed (warning: graphic violence) beating his disabled daughter Hillary. The video appeared on YouTube, and the unsympathetic judge has admitted it was real-noting that it's "not as bad as it looks on tape". More »

Report: Assassin's Creed Gets a Movie Deal That Even Spielberg Couldn't

Last month, it was reported that Sony and Ubisoft will soon sign an Assassin's Creed movie deal. From the sound of it, this is no normal movie deal.
Ubisoft apparently has control over everything, from the budget to the script to the actors to even the release date. More »

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