It's been quiet when it's come to updates on the somewhat controversial reboot of Capcom's demon-hunting franchise. But, the Japanese publisher just released a batch on new screens showing the darker-haired Dante in action. Yes, he's throwing down against the usual assortment of creepy demons in the game's locale of Limbo City. But, if you look closely, you'll also see the environment itself changing shape to attack him. Also in evidence are the glowy jacket effect and white hair when he activates his Devil Trigger. Let's just hope the world doesn't do that whole trying-to-attack-you thing during the game's platforming sections. That would be… annoying. One last thing: there's a disturbing lack of guns in these screens. Emo Dante better have some pistols to bang-bang, Capcom. The mix of sword-swinging and gun-shooting is essential for my DmC enjoyment. I needs it.

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