Uncharted 3 -There's nothing really happening here, but that's what's so great about Uncharted 3; There doesn't have to be something happening all of the time for it to be memorable.

Quiver at the Sight of Lord of the Rings: War in the North's Collector's Edition

I arrived home after a weekend away to find a long cardboard box waiting for me, and within it was the PS3 collector's edition of Lord of the Rings: War in the North. More »

As Corporate Propaganda, the Blackwater Video Game Shoots Blanks

There's no way you can expect Blackwater to be a good game. Ten minutes with it reveals that impossibility. The completely unintuitive controls, the wooden, stiff animation and the below-average graphics and voicework don't take long to deflate any expectations of quality.
But I had different... More »

Extravagant Collector's Editions are Overwhelming Video Game Collectors

If you thought spending $149.99 for a massive collector's edition is too much, what about folks like commenter Gemini-Phoenix, who feel compelled to purchase every limited collector's edition that comes out. More »

Meet the Guys Who Make Skyrim's Magic Happen in This New Video

Bethesda's released a taste of the documentary that will come with the collector's edition of Skyrim. The clip shows how the members of the development team grapple with the challenge of providing a wide-open canvas for an individual, player-driven experience. More »

Activision Uninvites Celebrity from Modern Warfare 3 Party After Learning She's a Porn Star

Dutch porn star Kim Holland was invited and then quickly uninvited from a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 VIP party in Amsterdam later this month after the game's publisher discovered what she did for a living, Eigenwereld reports.
The last-minute uninvitation has Holland questioning Activision's... More »

Jimmy Kimmel Smashes Bandstand As Donkey Kong

Jimmy Kimmel went full video game for the Halloween airing of Jimmy Kimmel Live.
The late night host dressed up as Donkey Kong, at one point tossing a barrel into the bandstand. More »

Battlefield 3 Development Started on PC, But Switched to Consoles

Despite a launch that's seen 5 million shipped in its first week, Battlefield 3's debut has not been without issues. Most of the praise has come for the PC version of the game and the assumption's been that that where the main development of the military FPS happened, with that code ported over to... More »

Silicon Knights Cuts Half of Staff, Refocuses On "One Of Its Most Requested Titles for the Next Generation"

Massive layoffs hit Too Human and X-Men: Destiny developer Silicon Knights last week, cutting the Canadian developer nearly in half after an unnamed publisher pulled out on a project the team was working on, the company told Kotaku.
That unnamed project is still under development, the developer... More »

These New Max Payne 3 Screens Bring Grit, Bullets and Explosions

According to the Rockstar official site, these new screens for Max Payne 3 represent new features for the upcoming game. You'll be able to trigger Bullet Time events via certain parts of the environment and enemies will show individual reactions to being hurt in battle. More »

Should You Buy GoldenEye 007: Reloaded? Yes.

They've made yet another game called GoldenEye again, which should have the smart shopper wonder what the deal is. Is Jame Bond's fourth game called GoldenEye worth getting, let alone worth the name of the first great game to bear that name? More »

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