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Activision Uninvites Celebrity from Modern Warfare 3 Party After Learning She's a Porn Star

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dutch porn star Kim Holland was invited and then quickly uninvited from a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 VIP party in Amsterdam later this month after the game's publisher discovered what she did for a living, Eigenwereld reports.

The last-minute uninvitation has Holland questioning Activision's seemingly hypocritical take on sex versus violence.


Holland, an avid gamer and big fan of the series, blogs that she was delighted when she got the official invitation for the big Modern Warfare party. She writes that as a guest she was meant to get a copy of the game and a new Xbox 360. But days later she received a second email telling her that she was no longer welcome to the party. The reason? Activision apparently discovered what she does for a living.

Holland posted the email on her blog, which I then used Google to translate, so it's a little sloppy:

"Unpleasant announcement. The American publisher of Modern Warfare 3 has indicated that they prefer no representatives of the adult entertainment industry at the party. And so there must be some women in Britain and the Netherlands who are also canceled. I know, a little hypocritical, but the U.S. is the U.S. and I'm just the messenger."


It appears the email was sent from the folks at Dutch television program Gamekings, who are throwing the big launch party.

Holland wasn't too pleased with the dis-invite. She writes on her blog that she's surprised that a game publisher that makes games about killing people would turn up their noses at someone who is a sex worker.

"People murdering people is neat," she writes, "but love-makers are dirty?"

Reached this morning, Activision declined to comment for this story.

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