Scary Kitty | TOKYO, JAPAN: Hello Kitty goes Halloween. (Photo: Game Watch Impress )

Lets Watch Classic Halo Map Hang 'Em High in Action Using Halo Reach Graphics and Gameplay

The classic Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer map Hang Em' High is getting a stunning remake when it returns to players in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.
Renamed High Noon, this map and five other remakes will all also be available for Halo Reach players as a download pack, Microsoft told me... More »

Why Battlefield 3's PC Version Is More Than Just a Game

We know that console games help sell consoles, but it's easy to forget that PC games can sometimes do the same. And when it happens on PC, it happens on an enormous scale.
That's because when a big PC game comes along that's considered a generational leap, PC owners can, en masse, feel the need to... More »

Double Fine's Iron Brigade Gets New Missions, Horde Mode

Double Fine's Iron Brigade is getting a new campaign and horde-mode styled game mode, the game makers tell Kotaku.
The yet to be priced or dated downloadable content for Iron Brigade, the game formerly known as Trenched, is called Rise of the Martian Bear.
Iron Brigade recently had to change its... More »

Cheating Boyfriends? There's an App for That.

They don't just sneak around, they sleep around. And if they're already in a relationship, they're called cheaters. In Japan, tech has helped them get away scott free for years. More »

Six Minutes of the Most Unique 3DS Game Yet

Guild 01 is not your typical 3DS game. It features four games from four different game creators. Here is some gameplay footage.
In order of appearance, the above clip shows Goichi Suda's Kaihou Shoujo, American Zarigani's Rental Bukiya de Omasse, Yoot Saito's Air Porter, and Yasumi Matsuno's... More »

This Guy is Way too Into This Arcade Game

And it is a beautiful thing to watch.
The game in question is Ghost Squad, a 2004 light gun shooter from Sega. The action's taking place in a Thai arcade. More »

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