Why Battlefield 3's PC Version Is More Than Just a Game

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We know that console games help sell consoles, but it's easy to forget that PC games can sometimes do the same. And when it happens on PC, it happens on an enormous scale.

That's because when a big PC game comes along that's considered a generational leap, PC owners can, en masse, feel the need to go out and buy new hardware for their rigs. And Battlefield 3 is, for many, that game.

Jon Peddie Research's Ted Pollak has told IGN, "Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 will help sales of Xbox 360s and PS3s."


"More importantly, and rarely covered by the press, Battlefield 3 is driving upwards of a billion dollars in PC builds and upgrades this year alone. No other title since Crytek's Crysis had such an anticipatory impact on PC hardware sales."

While I think Skyrim is contributing its fair share to this guesstimate, he does have a point. There's an excitement in the air for Battlefield 3 from PC gamers that hasn't been seen for years, an almost unanimous feeling that, yes, a game is coming unlike any other we have seen before, and we need new gear for our PCs to get the most out of it.

Add up hundreds of thousands of PC gamers across the world spending anywhere between $150-$1000 on everything from new graphics cards to an all-new system and, yeah, you can see where the "billion dollar" estimate comes from.

Let's just hope after all that money spent on making it look good, what we're actually playing is worth all that cash!


Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3 Sales Predictions [IGN]

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PsychoNun (Is actually a dude)

I admire what PC gamers can acomplish in order to max out a game's beauty, but I still think its kinda unnecessary. I only have this ol' laptop with 2 gigs of ram, 250 HD and a Single Core 2.2 GHZ, it has an integrated video card so it wont run games if they are not made before 2004. That's why console gaming exists, it may not look as great as on PC, but its an excelent option for those who simply dont want to spend money upgrading every now and then and just want to turn on a console and start playing. Of course Im being a little partial here, maybe because I was raised playing home consoles.