Well Heeled | HONG KONG - A cosplayer takes a stroll at this summer's Comics Festival and Game Fair in Hong Kong. (Photo: Vincent Yu | AP)

You may not Survive This Dark Souls Concept Art

To go with the Demon's Souls concept art we showed you a few months back, today we've got a collection of art from its spiritual successor Dark Souls, out this week on the Xbox 360 and PS3.
For a game that is about little but darkness, pain, brutality and despair, the art certainly gets the job... More »

Mega-Man's Producer Is Making a Nintendo 3DS Game

Keiji Inafune, former Mega-Man producer and Dead Rising designer, is hard at work on a new title. It's called Kaio: King of Pirates and it's for the Nintendo 3DS. More »

Ni no Kuni's Funny Bone Has Quite the History

The Kansai area of Japan includes Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto. It's famous for its food, such as okonomiyaki and beef, its companies, like Panasonic and Nintendo, and its comedians, which include about half of the people on television. More »

Electronic Arts Suing EA Over Dodgy Logo

EA, the video games publisher, is taking EA, the fitness supplies company, to court. And it's not over the name.
Energy Armor, based in Florida, is instead being taken to court because of two things. More »

Will There Be an Xbox 720? Hollywood Thinks So.

Real Steel, that new Hugh Jackman flick with fighting robots, is set in a near future, dominated by battling bots. More preciously, the movie is set in 2020. More »

It's Parks and Recreation, Not Parks and Buy Yourself an Xbox 360

An employee of the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department used a city credit card to purchase a little recreation for himself-namely, an Xbox 360. More »

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