Will There Be an Xbox 720? Hollywood Thinks So.

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Real Steel, that new Hugh Jackman flick with fighting robots, is set in a near future, dominated by battling bots. More preciously, the movie is set in 2020.

In one arena scene, corporate logos like Mercedes-Benz, Capital One, and, ahem, Del Taco light up a stadium. There is also a Bing logo and an Xbox 720 logo.

Microsoft's Bing logo appears elsewhere in the film.

The Xbox 720 hasn't been announced officially, and smart money says Microsoft will give it a different name entirely.


Yet, hypothetically, here it is on the silverscreen. Make sense as Microsoft is bound to have a new console out well before then.

It's 2011, so if Microsoft did launch a new Xbox in either 2013 or 2014, that would probably be the end of its lifespan by 2020.

Watch Real Steel's trailer here.

Thanks, William for the tip!

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Paradox me

Shyea, right. We all know that by 2020 everything will have been replaced by the glorious iPhone. Game consoles, TVs, toasters, etc. are primitive tools that will soon be phased out.

Also, it's very disappointing that the film has sold out like this. Just once I'd like to sit down with a refreshing Pepsi and enjoy a movie, without being bombarded by ads.