Hunted | TOKYO, JAPAN - Capcom held its 2011 Monster Hunter Festa over the weekend. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

Final PS Vita Box Design for Europe. Launch Apps, Too.

When Sony detailed the PS Vita launch apps for Japan, the questions was how many of those would be available in the West. Well, how many?
The launch app for Europe include Welcome Park (PS Vita tutorial), Party (text and voice chat), PlayStation Store (shopping), Group Messaging (messaging),... More »

This Week's Cosplay Stars Deus Ex, Mass Effect, Zelda and Adventure Time

Regular Fancy Pants posts have been on a little break for a while as we recharged from a glut of events like PAX and the Tokyo Game Show. We're back as usual this week, though, and it seems the time off has worked wonders.
Why? More »

Ripping Off Your Biggest Fans, Idol-Style

Japan is expensive. Tokyo and Osaka consistently rank among the most expensive cities in the world. With the strong yen, Japan is even pricier for foreign visitors. More »

Japanese Ghost Town Haunted by Old Nintendo Consoles, Porn

Ghost towns aren't just found in the Western United States. They're everywhere. Even Japan, where they're slightly more interesting than usual, because they've got dirty old video games (and dirty old video cassettes).
Nichitsu was, like old American ghost towns, a settlement based on gold mining. More »

Peripheral Designed with Dicks in Mind Coming Next Month

Japan's Tech Arts 3D doesn't just make video games. It also makes things to put on your junk. Some might call this unnecessary or disgusting, I'll call it multitasking. More »

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