...about interior design. Erotic game maker Tech Arts 3D is best know for PC title 3D Custom Girl, which lets users create a customized, well, 3D girl. It's newest game could not be further from that.

Here is a YouTube clip of its custom girl game, and here's an example of the software in action: customized characters from Namco's iDOLM@STER. Both NSFW.

Tech Arts 3D is bringing it customizing know-how to Xbox LIVE's Indie Games with an is a "housing action puzzle" called Madrism. In Madrism, players must create an interior design floor plan with all rooms accessible via door. No custom girls! Just rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

That's right, Tech Arts 3D is apparently looking to go mainstream — 80 Microsoft Points at a time. Good luck with that.


Tech Arts 3D [Official Site NSFW] [Pic]

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