Tokyo Game Show - There was a time when patches weren't just to fix broken things.

Holding Out Against a Hero

You see the icon, you read the name, you boot it up, you think Tiny Heroes is about deploying a diminutive unit to plunder the gold from the dungeon laying out there before it. More »

Tokyo Game Explosion Day 1: Final Fantasy XIII-2, Gold Vitas and... Good 3DS News!

We've got a guy who speaks Japanese and one who speaks Australian tearing through Tokyo Game Show, eyeballing Hideo Kojima, playing the prettiest PlayStation 3 game they've ever seen, and soaking in all the news from Tokyo Game Show 2011. More »

Dead Island Devs Push Back DLC, Refocus Energy on Bug Squashing

Dead Island's expansion packs, both announced and not, may be hitting later than planned as developers refocus their energy on fixing the game, Deep Silver tells Kotaku. More »

Ignoring iPhone, 3DS and Vita Hype, Valve Doesn't Want to Make Portable Games

Nintendo is catching a lot of heat these days for refusing to make games for the iPhone, but one of the other elite video game companies, the forward-thinking makers of Portal, Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2, Valve Software isn't just shunning iPhone. More »

How Do You Clean Your Horribly Filthy Gaming Equipment?

In today's disgustingly dirty edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Dracosummoner wonders what everyone does to keep their controllers and portable game devices from cultivating new forms of bacterial life. More »

Stab Giant Animals In the Face In Dragon's Dogma

Capcom's swing at a Western-themed RPG, Dragon's Dogma, has a new trailer. That headline up there? It's not lying. More »

These AR Games Are the PS Vita's Holy Shit Moment

AR is the Nintendo 3DS's holy shit moment. Ditto for the PS Vita. Sony is offering a new spin on AR with markerless AR play. It's impressive to see in action, and certainly something to show the friends if you want to wow them with your new hardware. More »

Japan's Deadliest Developer Tells The Next Generation To Grow A Pair

I got the chance to sit down with Dead or Alive creator and former Team Ninja boss Tomonobu Itagaki yesterday, ostensibly to talk about his studio's upcoming action game Devil's Third. Since that game made a late pullout from the Tokyo Game Show, however, there wasn't much to talk about. More »

Gears of Wars 3 Decimates the Game Reviewing Hordes

Go ahead. Look the grizzled, battle-scarred Marcus Michael Fenix in the face and tell him his third game sucks. You can't do it, but don't feel bad. Even the most battle-hardened video game critics are humbled by his majesty. More »

Sony's Sexiest PS3 Consoles Look Even Better In the Flesh

As you've seen already with the coloured Vitas, Sony has a range of fancy gear on show at the back wall of its Tokyo Game Show booth. Like the newly-announced FFXIII-2 PlayStation 3 console, its sibling, the Ni No Kuni PS3 and the entire range of DualShock 3s. More »

WWE Great Shawn Michaels Shows Us Some Hunting Games, Justifies His Love of Hunting

In the middle of New York City, in the back of one crazy truck, pro wrestling icon Shawn Michaels promised me he could show me the newest Cabela's hunting video games in one take. More »

This Is Not One of the Six PS Vita AR Cards

It is an AR card. It's made by Sony. It's for the PS Vita. And it's not the final design. Sony showed off the AR features tonight at an event in Tokyo Bay. More »

Quiet Little Moments Make Battlefield 3 Stunning

The first thing I notice when I maneuver Sgt. Henry Blackburn, 1st Recon Marine, through the smoking door frame of the Tehran apartment complex isn't the smoldering bodies lying on the ground nearby, it's the piece of paper drifting through the room. More »

WipeOut 2048 Only Needs One Vita Thumbstick, Thanks Very Much

Line up each version of Wipeout against a wall and, in all honesty, the only major difference is the platform it's appearing on. So what differentiates WipeOut 2048 on the PlayStation Vita? More »

This Fall on PlayStation Move...

Remember that PlayStation Move controller you bought last year? Well, they're still making games for it! Resistance 3, for example, is fully playable with PlayStation Move and that just came out. More »

Last Night, Kotaku Was on a Boat

Day one of the Tokyo Game Show is done and dusted. Our day, however, wasn't finished. Sony invited a group of the gaming press onto a boat to eat traditional Japanese food and demo PS Vita games. More »

Let These Gangster Hostesses Welcome You to Sega's TGS Booth

Sega's booth is busier and better this year than it has been in years. Part of that is because there's a Yakuzapalooza going down, with the franchise's PSP sequel drawing crowds, but it's also because this year Electronic Arts doesn't have a booth of its own. More »

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