A Chance to Play Through Dead Island's Pre-Story?

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This is sort of known, but I thought still worth talking among you fellow (few?) Dead Island fans.

In this screenshot of the game's menu we see three bits of unlockable content. The Ripper Mod is the weapon blueprint you get with a pre-order of the game. The Bloodbath Arena is a $10 downloadable pack already announced by Techland. So what is Ryder White's Campaign? It sounds like, knowing the story, it could be a vastly different way to play through the entire game, or at least a complete Act of the game.


What do you think? Personally, I'd love to play through White's pre-game story. I'd REALLY love to play his campaign through till the end of the entire game. If you know what I mean. WINKIE!

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An honest question for people who've played Dead Island:

I HATE zombie games. I cannot believe that we are not only creating full zombie games, but that it's been illogically jammed sideways into the likes of Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty. I propose a 5 year moratorium on anything related to zombies, so we can instead have some originality.

With that said, is the game enjoyable apart from it being yet another friggin' zombie game? Because the graphics look excellent, and I've heard good things about its misc. elements.