BURNING MAN -Portal-inspired sign spotted at Burning Man by reader Kenji.

Video Proof That I Fought On Modern Warfare 2's Scrapyard in Real Life at Call of Duty XP

One of the highlights of the Call of Duty XP convention was its paintball field recreation of "Scrapyard," a multiplayer map plucked from Call of Duty: More »


The Insanity, Players, and Games of Three Huge Gaming Events

It's been a crazy few weeks here at Kotaku as we scrambled to cover the world's biggest game show in Germany, the largest Penny Arcade Expo in history and the first ever convention dedicated to all things Call of Duty. Maybe you weren't able to keep up, I know we struggled to. More »

Chasing Aurora Can be Your Origami Bird-Racing Game

Confession: I was faking comprehension of Chasing Aurora when I saw it at the Penny Arcade Expo. I don't blame Clements Scot, the developer who talked me through the video demonstration you can see here. I blame my own state of mind, frazzled as I was last Friday by some hurricane-related travel... More »

There is Definitely Something Fishy About the Steam Version of Dead Island

Last night before I hit the sack I set up a download of the Steam version of Techland's Dead Island. This morning I woke up to what many others discovered last night - More »

When You Love the Game But Not Its Creator

In today's spiteful edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Dracosummoner wonders if you have to love the game's creators in order to love the game. Have you ever been in a situation where you liked a game or series, but you couldn't stand the people behind it? More »


Madden NFL 12: The Kotaku Review

As the NFL lockout dragged all of the spring and much of the summer, Madden NFL 12 figured to be the only football coming to your TV this year, until a month before its release. More »


Win this Custom Space Marine PlayStation 3

Relic's Space Marine is swinging a chainsword at your favorite console this week-and if that destroyed console happens to be a PlayStation 3, you're in luck. One lucky Kotaku reader will win this tough-enough custom-painted Space Marine PlayStation 3-and a copy of Space Marine... More »


Can Humanity Triumph Over Game Reviewers in Resistance 3?

The invasion is over, the Chimera have won, and the end of humanity is nigh. But wait? What's that cresting the horizon? Why it's the Resistance 3 Frankenreview. More »


The Final Moments of That Heartbreaking Dead Island Family Discovered in the Game

I think we were all a bit shocked when Techland told Kotaku earlier this year that the family so poignantly represented in the award-winning trailer for Dead Island wouldn't actually be in the game. More »

It's Operation: Guillotine—Eyes On with Battlefield 3's Single Player

Just two months ahead of release, Battlefield 3's singleplayer mode remains something of a mystery – oddly so, given this game is DICE's attempt to make their biggest franchise as appealing to lone gunners as team gunners. More »


Borderlands 2 Dev Talks New Art, Improved AI, and Why PC Gamers Will Get More Love This Time Around

By now, you've probably seen the leaked footage of the most recent Borderlands 2 demo, and read our own Michael McWhertor's impressions of the game from Gamescom. More »

An Army of Dragonborn Prepares to March on Skyrim Retailers

In preparation for the worldwide launch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim this November, Bethesda has assembled an army of army of bronzed Dragonborn statues, armed and ready to be drooled on by fans at retail locations around the world. More »


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