It's been a crazy few weeks here at Kotaku as we scrambled to cover the world's biggest game show in Germany, the largest Penny Arcade Expo in history and the first ever convention dedicated to all things Call of Duty.

Maybe you weren't able to keep up, I know we struggled to.

Here, in a visual guide, are some highlights of all three shows and links to the complete coverage for each show, if you're so inclined to go back and dig through.


The Sweet, Superb and Scary Cosplay of Gamescom 2011

Gamescom 2011 may have been overcrowded today, but not with people dressed as video game, anime and comic book characters. While European cosplayers did represent at Gamescom, they did so in the corners of the Cologne Messe.More »


The Ultra Disposable Gun is One of the Great Big Little Improvements in Borderlands 2

The throwaway guns of the original Borderlands, which numbered in the hundreds of bazillions, were nothing compared to the fire and forget disposability of the game's sequel. More »



Getting Up Close (and Very Personal) With the PlayStation Vita

This video isn't as sexy as it sounds (unless you start up some simultaneous saxophone). For those interested in the PlayStation Vita but who haven't laid hands upon one, however, it is practical.
It's a good look at the handheld's thumbsticks. More »


World's Biggest Video Game Show Locked Down Over Crushing Crowds

Gamescom, the biggest video game show in the world, just got too big.
Saturday morning the convention had to temporarily stop letting people in after the massive Cologne's Koelnmesse, the fourth largest convention center in the world, neared the show's 62,000 person capacity.
A Gamescom official... More »

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Penny Arcade Expo


An Hour with Counter-Strike: GO

I've played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and can now say it's for me, too.
On the eve of the public debut of its newest game, Valve Software let me into their ever-expanding offices in Bellevue, Washington to give me a sampling of four classic Counter-Strike maps as they've been remade for... More »


The Razer Blade is Gaming's Deadliest New Laptop

The death of PC gaming, it turns out, will be stopped by a new, multiscreen, ultra-thin, 17-inch $2,800 laptop from Razer.
Accessory-maker Razer today unveiled their first laptop, codenamed the Blade. More »


Go Ahead and Shoot Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite. Ken Levine's Way Ahead of You

"It's in the simulation."
When I spoke with Ken Levine about BioShock Infinite at E3, I was struck by his use of that phrase. The game as he describes it will be a complex concoction of different AIs, each of which exists independently and interacts in unscripted, emergent ways. More »


Five More Things I've Learned about Skyrim, About Murder, Encumberance and other Stuff

Fifteen minutes of play time with the fifth Elder Scrolls game isn't enough. Skyrim is massive. A quarter of an hour in it illuminates the game's world about as well as stepping just outside of an airport terminal explains a new city.
But, if you've got the man who oversaw construction of the whole... More »

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Call of Duty: XP


How Modern Warfare 3 Changes the Call of Duty Multiplayer Game Yet Again

Year after year, how can Call of Duty's massive online shooter remain fresh? With Modern Warfare 3, the game's developers have focused on what works-player progression, extensive customization, tons of maps and game modes-and are blowing it out.
Activision offered a first look at Call... More »


Guns! Guns! Guns! A Tour of the Call of Duty XP Armory

Hey, you like guns? Then you should really be at Call of Duty XP this weekend. They got guns! Lots of 'em. They even have a FGM-148 Javelin and an alien head. More »


Call of Duty Elite 'Premium' Membership Costs $50 A Year, Includes All This and More

Call of Duty Elite, Activision's new social network and stat-tracking service that will launch alongside Modern Warfare 3-and work with last year's Call of Duty: More »


Call of Duty XP 'Juggernaut Sumo' Pits Grandpa vs. Grandson

One of the many activities on hand at this weekend's Call of Duty XP event-activities that earn attendees badges of honor-is Juggernaut Sumo. More »


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